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Meeting Point

Munich central station or marienplatz- main city square, we can adjust the meeting point once we decide on the tour details


Hi! Welcome to my profile :) I'm Lina Skukauskė, lifestyle photographer, passionate traveler, life-observer, obsessed with learning new things, discovering tasty vegetarian recipes and simply creating a life I fully enjoy. You can check more of my images here: I'm Lithuanian, now living and working in Munich and I really enjoy this city, and I'm sure you will enjoy it, too. Munich is full of culture, international people, lovely & quirky bavarian traditions (not everywhere you daily see "Lord of the rings" style reminding traditional outfits worn so proudly by locals as you do here), astonishing nature and also all necessary things to enjoy modern life. Munich is Germany's third biggest city, the most expensive one, the safest and most of the Germans want to live here. Did I mentioned it's beautiful?


I can suggest two really different types of tours- as a nature and active lifestyle lover I really enjoy hiking in Alps here and I would love to show you what's around. There are many different hikes varying in duration, beauty and difficulty so contact me and we can find what suits you best. There are hikes where you can easily take your children and dog with you so they're really not too difficult and can still be very picturesque. These hikes take place approximately 40-60km from Munich, we would leave from Munich's central station and go with train. I would explain everything about the tickets as there are few options to buy them. For hiking trips my goal is to show you the beauty of nature and just have a good time, so for me it can be longer than 4 hours (actually most of them will be, usually it's a full day trip), that doesn't affect the price. In some hiking trips there are places where you can taste local cuisine near the top (usually open just in summer), or I can bring some tasty pies and we can make a mini picnic on the top :) Most of the time running shoes are enough and depending on the season you will need some warmer clothes, and (always) water and good mood. As hiking trips might be not interesting for everyone and they are not available in winter I can also suggest tours in Munich city, the route depends on your interests, so just write me more about yourself and we can decide what would suit best for you. I personally would suggest to see Munich from above, see at least some of the churches and main streets, take a walk in Viktualienmarkt (centrally located open-air market for best local produce and some beautiful flowers). Beer gardens are popular attraction here- I don't drink, but I will be taking images, so that's fine :) I personally love some cozy vegetarian/vegan/raw food cafes where you can get tasty nourishing food, good coffee or a smoothie and I can show you some of them. Munich also has some big, beautiful parks which are really nice to visit when the weather is good. During the winter Munich has really big Christmas market which is worth seeing. Regarding images- most of the time I like taking images not interrupting people too much, just really noticing what is happening and capturing the natural moments. On the other hand, in my work I quite often have to direct people to get specific shots, so if I see a place and situation that I KNOW will make a good image, I will slightly guide you to create it :) In both cases my goal is that you wouldn't be worried about the images and would relax and enjoy your trip :)