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Meeting Point

Waikīkī beach, waikiki, honolulu, hi, united states


Explore the crater of Lēʻahi(Diamond Head), surf the beaches of Waikīkī, hike through the streams and jungle of Mānoa Valley, see local markets, enjoy great local and Hawaiian food. On our tour you'll learn a little Hawaiian language, a little about Hawaiian culture and secret local beaches. Come along with me on a beach in Hawaiʻi. 日本語OK!


The island of Oʻahu is paradise even to locals. We are happy to live the slower paced lifestyle of island peoples. So come along with me and as Bob Marley says, "Don't worry 'bout a thing." There are many beautiful spots to visit here. Feel the mana(energy) of Mānoa Valley and take a swim in the fresh water streams. A visit to Mānoa will leave you feeling relaxed. You'll have a relaxing time on an uncrowded lesser known beaches. Surf the beaches of Waikīkī. After visiting a few places and you have become hungry, I will show you to some local places with ʻono(delicious) food. Fresh fish, organic island foods, late night ʻawa(kava) drinks and handmade pizzas are just some of the great food here. Let's make a plan together and enjoy paradise! 日本語OK!私は5年間東京、谷中銀座台東区に住んでいた後。それから、私はハワイに移住しました。