Hero & Creatives

We help travelers meet
photographers for an
unforgettable experience.

Ania and Mateusz in Espinho

Wherever you go, we go.

All around the globe Hero & Creatives connects travelers
and photographers. Our creatives are able to make travelers
feel places in a different and beautiful way.

Dwayne in Pico Ruivo, by Iris R

This is our dream. Meet the team.

Founded in 2014 and based in Porto, Portugal, Hero & Creatives is a social platform for wanderlust travelers and creative photographers to book and organize photo tours around the world.

Iris Rangil, Spain

CEO and Founder

Brand design & Strategy

Surreal Creative

Interface design

Web development

Irina Kulkova, Russia

Communications Representative

Community Manager

Limitless creativity.
The story of H&C.

We are going to tell you a short story about a little girl who decided
to dream big. She wanted to meet people from all over the world
and she loved art and photography. She realized that travelers
in her city were always searching for ways to keep memories from
their trips. She’s Iris. the founder of H&C.

She had the idea that helping people find these ways could become
her dream job, a dream job for creative people. And she thought
photography could help travelers feel like their trip will last
forever: Then photographers could make travelers feel like
heroes of their own stories.

Lara & Henrique in Sydney, by Natasha K.

We are a team of more than 300 photographers all over the world, join us!

Be the photographer and guide in your city.